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A display driver is software which allows other programs to access and use a display adapter.People often use the term "display adapter" in situations where you are referring either to a separate video card or integrated graphics built into your motherboard.At the core of both is the graphics processing unit (GPU), which is often erroneously used to refer to the video card as a whole.Standards such as MDA, CGA, HGC, Tandy, PGC, EGA, VGA, MCGA, 8514 or XGA were introduced from 1982 to 1990 and supported by a variety of hardware manufacturers.In my humble and cautious opinion, there are two things that you should never put automated software in control of when you’re using a Windows system: your drivers and your registry.

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Having such a limited choice really lends toward making updating the drivers a very painless experience.

if you're not sure which AMD Radeon driver version you have installed.

Here are more details on some of the fixes, improvements, and other changes in version : You can see all the details on this new release, including the full list of fixes, plus a full list of compatible AMD/ATI GPUs, in the Catalyst Release Notes.

Updating your video card drivers can show a huge performance boost across your system, as well.

Keeping these drivers up to date is quite essential if you’re a gamer.