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If so, please send an email with: - Name- Age (21-26)- Occupation- Phone number- Email- City/State- Recent photo(s)- Social media link(s)- A brief bio along with your relationship history, and tell us why you're the one for us!
As of August 7, 2017, Wong Fu Productions' You Tube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers and over 473 million video views.

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The quality and stability of birth certificate identifiers impacts both the success of linkage efforts and the value of birth certificate registries for identity resolution.

Objective Our objectives were to describe: (1) the frequency and cause of changes to birth certificate identifiers as children age, and (2) the frequency of events (ie, adoptions, paternities, amendments) that may trigger changes and their impact on names.

Cross-sectional analysis showed that identifiers are stable for individuals over 5 years of age, but patterns of changes fluctuate considerably over time, potentially due to policy and social factors.

"I'm very surprised when I ask a couple about their definition of infidelity during premarital counseling and they respond, 'What are you talking about? " The survey also found a deep gender divide on what constitutes adultery, with women more likely than men to define 11 behaviors on the survey as cheating.Roughly three quarters of Americans agree that having sex or kissing someone other than your partner is always cheating, but they bring less clarity to questions about online and other non-physical activities.For example, 51 percent say sending flirtatious messages is always cheating, 19 percent say the same about watching pornography without a partner and 16 percent say following an ex on social media is always cheating.Specific events that cause changes to birth certificates also fluctuate over time.Online activities, like maintaining an active online dating profile while in a relationship or following an ex on social media, are blurring the lines of fidelity, making it difficult for individuals and couples to decide what counts as cheating, according to a new Deseret News poll on national attitudes about adultery. L.) Peer Health Educators are professionally trained and disseminate evidence-based, up-to-date, accurate information through confidential one-on-one consultations, information group presentations and programs. The Physical Health Peer Education Team realized the importance of a healthy balanced life.