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SEE ALSO: Shotgun Weddings Give Way to Cohabitation in Surprise Pregnancies, I thought to myself. ” “Yeah.” “Well, come on man, you’re not getting any younger,” she teased. I was twenty-eight when we met, now I’m thirty-two.” Sensing his discomfort, the hairstylist immediately switched to a more comforting tone. It’s a big decision, and you have to think about it seriously.

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Violation of law puts the offender in great troubles.He may be punished, imprisoned or even deported in some cases.After Whats App rolled out the voice calling, they are now enabling video calls too.Facebook Messenger always had voice and video calling for a while.Since the internet is cheaper, people now use the online medium for messaging and calls, including video.Telecom companies are now facing the heat with immense losses as people are not using regular phone calls and SMS.Ignorance of the law is no excuse, therefore, expatriates living in Saudi Arabia must know the laws of the land.

Use of illegal satellite is not only a hazard for thousands of employees of the TV industry rather it is a great crime in the context of violation of copyright laws in Saudi Arabia.

So, it is important for everyone to get knowledge about laws and not to violate them to avoid any kind of physical or pecuniary punishment.

Those who are working here to get a good living for their families in their homelands must not waste money in payment of heavy fines.

Firza, who was a coordinator of the Solidaritas Sahabat Cendana foundation, which is connected to the family of former president Soeharto, was reportedly having a relationship with the married man.

"This case is fabricated and libellous," Firza's lawyer Azis Yanuar said.