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The risk of miscarriage drops significantly after the first trimester and the conventional wisdom is that expectant couples should wait until then to reveal the pregnancy, presumably to lessen the chance that they'll have to double-back on the big news.

But women like Jamie feel that leaving a mother to mourn in private, thereby forcing her to put on a happy face at work and around friends and family, is cruel.

They will visit the grandparents: Yanai's brother has had a baby and they are throwing a small party. But what can you do, Dana has never paid attention to clothes or colors.

Just in case, he checks Abigail's room, looks under the bed, the desk with the old computer, the chest of drawers.

Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis are no strangers to bucking tradition.

The couple married just minutes after meeting each other, on a reality show, no less, and have been candid when it comes to documenting and sharing the highs and lows of their relationship with their devoted contestant is flying in the face of convention once again, publicly announcing a second pregnancy well before the 12-week mark when such news is deemed "safe" to share with extended family, friends, and colleagues.

This kind of rigor goes into a lot of my decisionmaking.

"If I hadn't gone through a public loss I think I would've been 10 times more depressed," she tells Womans

"It was strangers reaching out to me through my blog and sharing their stories with me — some of them for the very first time because they felt like they had no one else to talk to when they had gone through their loss — that comforted me."The couple see the timing of this second child as a poignant synchronicity.

After months of trying to conceive, Doug, seeing Jamie's disappointment at each negative pregnancy test, suggested they take a step back from trying so hard and simply let things happen in due course. She began working out more and went on the Whole30 diet, making healthy lifestyle changes she felt would better prepare her for conceiving and carrying a child.

And, she still, secretly, looked for confirmation that a baby was on the way."I would literally sneak peeing on a stick," she says of the pregnancy tests she took in public places like the gym, careful not to leave any evidence behind at home.