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Oracle provides a set of XML parsers for Java, C, C , and PL/SQL.Each of these parsers is a standalone XML component that parses an XML document (or a standalone DTD or XML Schema) so that it can be processed by an application. The other language versions are discussed in later chapters.Library and command-line versions are provided supporting the following standards and features: The parsers are available on all Oracle platforms.Figure 4-1 shows an XML document inputting XML Parser for Java.If a stylesheet is used, the DOM or SAX interface also parses and outputs the XSL commands.These are sent together with the parsed XML to the XSLT Processor where the selected stylesheet is applied and the transformed (new) XML document is then output.Client applications use method calls defined in the parser API to receive or request information the parser retrieves from the XML document.

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But in this example I used a Java String, which is UTF-16 encoded, without a prologue. The answer is that the parser did not read the string directly.

Oracle provides XML parsers for Java, C, C , and PL/SQL. Each of these parsers is a standalone XML component that parses an XML document (and possibly also a standalone document type definition (DTD) or XML Schema) so that they can be processed by your application.

In this chapter, the application examples presented are written in Java.

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