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BONUS SHOW: During its time, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show was the most spectacular live event in the world.

Saskatchewan’s Gabriel Dumont was one of his top acts, billed as “The Hero of the Half-Breed Rebellion.” Dumont experienced the power of the show and dreamed of creating his own version of the Wild West Show that would tell the story of the Métis in an equally spectacular way.

Dumont could converse in seven languages (although he never learned more than a few words of English); he was an excellent marksman with both bow and rifle; he was a splendid horseman who possessed an extensive knowledge of prairie geography; and, like all Métis leaders, he had mastered the diplomatic culture of the northern plains.

In 1851, at the young age of 13, Dumont was introduced to plains warfare when he fought at the Battle of Grand Coteau, defending a Métis encampment against a large Dakota war party.

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Riel has received more scholarly attention than practically any other figure in Canadian history.

His first resistance was the Red River Rebellion of 1869–1870.

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He married in 1881 while in exile in Montana in the United States; he fathered three children.

Their small arms fire did little damage to the armoured ship, but they lowered Batoche's ferry cable, into which the Northcote steamed unsuspectingly, slicing off its masts and smokestacks.

Crippled, the ship drifted harmlessly down the South Saskatchewan River and out of the battle.

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