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She assumes that the majority of locals claiming “single” as their Facebook status are under 30. In fact, more than half of Arlington residents between the ages of 30 and 39 are unmarried, according to the county planning division.

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The new Act also extends protections to some other characteristics and introduces other changes.This Act applies equally to employees, workers and many of those who are self-employed (only Freelancers who fall under Part 5 of the Equality Act 2010 are covered – that is those who are described as ‘contract workers’ and are contracted personally to do the work, i.e you cannot claim discrimination against your Employer if you are contracted for the provision of services and hire someone else, or sub-contract someone else, to do the work – you must do the work yourself personally).

Sex discrimination in the workplace is unlawful in all aspects of employment, including the recruitment process, status, training, promotion and transfer opportunities, redundancy, dismissal and even post-employment.

It contained an offer of composition but threatening that payment would be suspended unless the offer was accepted.

Held: The court will not permit the phrase ‘without prejudice’ to be used to exclude an act of bankruptcy. There was no dispute and no offer of compromise, so the sender could not destroy the admissibility of the letter as evidence simply by heading the letter ‘without prejudice’, the protection afforded by that phrase being limited to negotiations for compromise.

In a statement, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "The claim for direct sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and constructive unfair dismissal from a former employee of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has been settled today to the mutual satisfaction of the claimant and the Service.

"The Service is committed to providing the best possible environment at work, in which all employees can achieve their potential.