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Fel continued serving alongside her throughout the war and flew in the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, which gave the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances victory in the long war.
While breaking into a house she meets its owner, Alex Dorantes. On a date night Rosalinda/Paloma and Alex, unknowingly, go watch Fernando José play piano.

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Though full of slapstick, which is always good, the thing I like most is I could relate to characters.

There's not the crazy guy, the sensitive guy, the I-don't-know-I'm-hot girl, instead, just 20 somethings, looking for love and getting in ass-backwards situations. She is super funny when she tries to seduce guys, but ends up making a fool of herself.

It could be the worst movie in the world, full of bad jokes, a cheesy script, and unexciting action, and you'll eventually run into someone who loves the piece of crap to death. Extreme Ops has all the power of a Tide commercial. Continue reading: Extreme Ops Review Weird and creepy pot boiler has Bill Pullman as a high-profile Manhattan lawyer who gets mixed up in a scheme to off a girl (Anwar) whom he sorta-raped in a drunken haze.

Only it turns out the would-be hitman is the long-lost son (Sawa) he never knew he had!

If you loved the slim blond boy of 'A Cool Dry Place' (he's so sexy in this), 'Idle Hands' (very funny horror comedy) or even 'Final Destination', then maybe you shouldn't buy this movie.

In 'Extreme Ops' they tried to hide his weight gain behind lots of stubble and baggy clothes, but this time there's no doubt about it. He has a double chin, man-boobs, a belly and a seriously big butt.

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Or someone will tweet me the video like I haven’t seen it.It works in the movies, but not really in this one, as the laughs are forced, and the plot lays dormant without much interest or inspiration.It looks like a sitcom, and plays like one, except at four times the length and half of the laughs of your typical TV comedy.That shouldn't matter, though, if all you're looking for in a movie are some pretty people to look at - there are plenty here, and that's what I bought it for (on import from Thailand).So long as it's not Devon Sawa you want to drool over.He is sentenced to fifteen years in prison, enough time to contemplate his actions and vow not to fight again.