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The love between a 939-year old Goblin and a high school girl, fated to be his bride in this life, is the key element of 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.' It is she who can finally release him from the curse of walking the earth as an undead and send his soul to heaven by pulling out his goblin sword that was thrust onto his chest.However, it now appears that Gong Yoo, who plays the titular hero of the K-drama, is also quite fond of actress Kim Go-eun, who plays Ji Eun-tak, his’s a real, legit group that they formed themselves. but GD is already hot, so babe you don’t need to get one ❤ oh, & of course you know this dude: Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon; 1988, Leader/Rapper of BIG BANG – my soulmate.I REPEAT: just a group of friends, nothing more, nothing less. you recognize 2 of ’em cuz you come by here everyday, & some of em you’ve seen in those random pix of GD hanging out in the streets with at night. INFO TAKEN FROM OFFICIAL NUTHANG THREAD; credit: Rachel [email protected] Stage Name : Model Lee Soohyuk, Actor Lee Hyuksoo Real Name : Lee Hyuksoo Date of Birth : May 31st, 1988 Height : 185 Cm Weight : 62 Kg Occupation : Model, Actor Experience (As Model) : GQ magazine, Elle magazine, General Idea Collection Fashion Show (2006), Seoul Collection Fashion Show (2007), Sweet Revenge Model, etc. he’s in multiple pictures w/ gd and/or hyuksoo, like the one where GD was at the movies or summin. Song Kyungil : 1987, model one of the lesser known – but he’s HOT. She is one of the few acting talents that I judge project to project and don’t carry too much previous opinion forward when it comes to whatever she’s lined up next.

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I’m comfortably bipolar when it comes to Park Min Young.Being a celebrity, regardless of where one is active, and regardless of whether one is an entertainer, singer, musician or actor, is no easy task.One of the biggest prices that most celebrities have to pay is the fact that once they are thrust into the national or international spotlight, nothing about them, from their personal lives to their family’s and friend’s lives, are also brought into the spotlight.He said he had feelings for her but she denies it and then denies it again on broadcast.. Also says there's no possibility of her ever getting together with Song Jaerim in her interview... I can't stand watching him on WGM with that fake b*tch anymore. Said he had feelings for her only for Kim So Eun's reps to deny it to the ground... [ 22,187, -1,035] Either way, Song Jaerim seems like a decent person... [ 16,948, -824] I was touched by how Song Jaerim handled it ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 3.[ 9,943, -477] So what's going to happen to Son Ho Jun's feelings for her? [ 9,257, -981] Whatever the case, I hope they bring more entertainment to the viewers 5.However, those rumors were proved to be false after it was discovered that he had never even gotten her cell phone number.