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It may not be easy to pick yourself up and start the dating again, especially when you are over 50!
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Dating a surfer

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It's true what they a surfer is pretty tough! Well here are 5 reasons why you shoudl quickly shake that thought & NEVER date a surfer... If the surf report is looking good, getting up before the sun has even risen is a standard thing for a surfer! Instead they're always off exploring new countries, waking up in a new place each week and surfing incredible waves!

In it, a girl talked about what it’s like when you are a non-surfing girl that thinks dating a surfer boy would be cool.Throughout my 15 year surfing career (I use the term “career” very loosely here), I’ve heard it time and time again. ” All she sees is the tan, muscles, and laid back lifestyle, but little does she know what actually goes into dating a surfer.Last week, The Clymb posted something on their blog that was informative to us surfer boys when it comes to keeping a relationship, in addition to our relationship with the waves. I’ve heard that one too many times before to actually believe that statement.So if you’re scared of the ocean or of wearing swimwear or of something silly like getting dark, this may not be an ideal relationship because even if you’re not in the water, you would still definitely be somewhere near it.Have you seen a shirtless dude pacing up and down complaining constantly about how “shitty” the waves have been, or one that’s helplessly staring off into the flat sea or at the forecasts online? There are loads of reasons surfers are the greatest, not to mention the fact that they often act like total heroes, like Kelly Slater, who just rescued a woman and her daughter in Hawaii. He's one with nature.​ out there, so you know that this woman must be totally bad-ass.