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Cdx files updating on server

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If you have a large number of existing CDX index files, pywb will be able to read them as well without having to reindex.It is recommended that any index files be converted to the latest JSON based format, which can be done by running: will be indexed and added to the existing collection.If you include the CREATE TABLE statement in a batch SQL statement that requires a transaction, the provider returns an error message. DELETE TAG Command Removes a tag or tags from a compound index (.cdx) file.DROP TABLE Command Removes a table from the database specified with the data source and deletes it from disk.Maybe there is a way to turn off caching for some certain files to check it?Sometimes we get index crash twice a day, sometimes everything is fine for 5 days in a row. Today only one user was working in the evening with the database (usually there are 30-50 users are working simultaneously on working hours). Synchronization with website is performed every 5 minutes during work hours and every 15 minutes in the evening and on weekend.

A new utility, If you do not have any web archive files (WARCS), you can create easily create one from any page by using the free service For example, you may visit then (after a few seconds), click , WARC/ARC files will automatically be placed in the collection archive directory and indexed.

We're experiencing almost everyday database index corruption on Windows Server 2003. Now all users work in terminal mode - so no network problems can cause that, Op Locks also can't be a reason.

I wonder if it can be somehow connected with caching or other server settings. We changed hardware, network cards, switches, reinstalled Server and even moved to new dedicated server.

UPDATE - SQL Command Updates records in a table with new values.

SELECT - SQL Command Retrieves data from one or more tables.